Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Things I Know Tuesday.

I was inspired by 'Healthy Diva Eats' blog to do a "Things I Know Tuesday" Post, I think they are fun. And I love her blog. I'd be happy to be half as good of a blogger as her!

I know that fasted cardio makes for one hungry self.

I know that I've been KILLING IT in the gym lately.

I know that I am in Love with the new spring-time edition Wet 'n Wild pallette, it has some gorgeous, fun colors! 

I know that I've been loving my nails long, ever since I started taking biotin they have been growing out really nicely, and not breaking!

I know that I keep having job interviews, I hope that where ever I end up working I will enjoy, and it will be the right fit for me. 

I know that Teavana has come out with some delish flavors recently. I picked up kiwi berry blast and chocolate bannana foster teas. 

I know that I REALLY want to do the Advocare 24 day challenge, I think that is what I will be asking for my birthday, that and CROSSFIT!

I know that I've been loving wedges lately, I want 358294 pairs. 

I know that I am getting my hair cut tomorrow! I am going to get some long layers and bangs. Wish me luck, I always get nervous before getting my hair cut, but I really could use a change. 

I know that I have been drinking water like a champ!

I know I am going to miss my husband when he leaves for the Philippines. <3

I know that I have the most beautiful, wonderful little boy who just turned a whole ONE YEARS OLD!

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