Saturday, December 22, 2012

First Post

So I decided to start this blog since I am obsessed with healthy living blogs! I figured I'd start my own too.
Anyways, my focus lately has been on P90X and running. I really want to gain muscle!
As for my diet I've been really focusing on eating clean. I've been eating mostly egg whites, veg, fruit, tuna, fish, chicken , Greek yogurt, cottage cheese and protein shakes.
My baby Grayson has been going through quite the phase. He's been a little fussy and doesn't like the switch to his big boy bed. But he's still a very good boy and I know this is just a phase.
My husband got me a gift card to a spa for mothers day and I just barely used it. It was wonderful... I got my first real massage, a facial, and a mani/pedi. It really was one of the best gifts :)
I'm trying to find another race to do this month if there is any close to me I don't really want to go far.
I'm stressed about the holidays for various reasons:
1) the temptations of holiday food/goodies, I'll indulge a little bit but I hate when ppl are like oh it's so good when it's really not something I want to eat so basically like peer pressure eating my mantra for this is I AM AN INDIVIDUAL I EAT WHAT I WANT!
2) I have SO much Christmas shopping to do and I have no clue what to get for quite a few ppl I hate it when ppl are impossible to shop for I'm always happy with makeup, clothes, and workout gear. Lol.
3) idk what to get my little boy it's his first Christmas and I know he won't remember but I still would like to get him something he will love/use for a good amount of time.
Well that's all for now :)