Friday, February 8, 2013

Health Food Haul

♡♡♡Hey everyone♡♡♡

So I debated doing a video on my health foodie finds but I decided that a blog post would be better because I can go more into depth about the products I purchased.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is Sunwarrior Warrior Blend protein powder. I have the classic version but what sets the Warrior Blend apart is that it is a synergistic blend and slower digesting. I definately felt fuller with this protein powder! I bought the vanilla flavor but now I am thinking of exchanging it for the chocolate since I still have some vanilla left of the classic version. I do like baking with protein powder tho and vanilla is always the best for that in my opinion. 

I also picked up some more PB2. Now if you don't know what PB2 is it will change your life! Lol It's powdered peanut butter that you can mix with water. It has 85% less fat calories than traditional peanut butter and a serving size of 2 tbsp is only 45 calories! I am pb obsessed so this is truly a lifesaver for me. It also comes in chocolate flavor which to me is reminiscent of Nutella. PB2 has many uses in my kitchen I'll put it in smoothies, yogurt, baking and my most recent experiment was a peanut sauce for shrimp! Basically I LOVE PB2 and strongly encourage you to try it out!

My next things are a current obsession as well and that is Lenny and Larry's protein cookies. They are nothing short of glorious. Honestly, I have a mission to bake a protein cookie that is half as good as theirs. The only downside of them is they are quite high cal (but they're HUGE) and I would indulge in these every day I don't consider them to be 'healthy' more like a 'healthy' alternative for the real thing. 

And the last couple things were just for fun but I picked up Tazo's Passion Tea, LOVES IT! And this is not food related but I am addicted to it Burt's Bee's Radiance Lotion, I gotta sparkle and shine. 

I have A TON Of exciting things coming up on my YouTube Channel:

I can't wait to share with you guys!

Also I have a lot of recipes that have been in the experimental stage but I think they're about ready to be shared. So be on the lookout for those. And let me know if you'd like some cooking videos or would rather me just post them on here? 



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